Instituting A New Form of Governance: Paleoland, A Lesson In The Dangers

With the advent of the internet, governable spaces are consistently evolving, especially with innovation leading the way. Ambassador Jose A. Zorrilla alludes to some of these problems by presenting an imaginary declaration, which points to the major gaps in the realm of governance.


The vast new world that is cyberspace has been changing the rules of the game since its inception. With social media thrown into the mix, the internet has effectively turned into a whole new ungovernable space. Individuals in cyberspace are quick to alienate some very basic privacy laws in the face of accessing different platforms. While the internet does offer some liberation from the overarching tyrannies of the world, it has an uncanny way of chaining us down as well.

In that sense, what would a world look like, where for instance, governments were done away with and a whole new polity to serve internet users was developed. As a sample of what the world might become one of these days please find below the declaration of independence of an imaginary new polity, Paleoland.

WE the citizens of the Confederation of Paleoland, comprised of virtual clusters do solemnly PROCLAIM.

That determined to put an end to all forms of tyranny, it has become necessary for all the citizens of Paleoland to dissolve the bonds that have connected them with reality and to assume that in order to enlighten the opinion of mankind, they should declare the causes, which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident.  That all e-citizens are endowed to use their intellect the way they see fit, first and foremost free from the constraint of facts and values. Facts are but a long train of abuse and usurpation and evince a design to reduce the citizens of this Confederation under absolute Despotism. Values help the Leviathan to achieve this end by marking the course of confusion to be followed. Therefore both abominations should be thrown off.

Humans are the only source of truth, reality guided by values is but a boundary to freedom and therefore the ideal citizen of our world is the Man in the Moon. To achieve the end of turning all living beings into gods, the Confederation shall keep an unfailing watch on reality. Truth is but a personal decision and emotions that drive to it are more relevant than arguments. Memories are also to be banished for they offer solace and comfort to the tyranny of facts.

Second only in coercion are values. There cannot be other source of behavior but self-determined goals. The rest are obstacles to the free will and as such contraries to the spirit of freedom that inspires the Confederation.

In order to guarantee this freedom, we DECLARE that all computers are to be transparent without hindrance or obscurity to its fellow computer. The right of hacking is hoisted as a cornerstone of the Confederation. A hacking police shall enforce the exercise of this right with utmost zeal. Most prominent in the ranking order of tyranny, after facts themselves and its accessories, are the, up to now, crimes related to established truth: slander, insult and hatred inspired deeds or opinions.


The e-universe is horizontal. Human and animals are all equal bearers of life. Yet, animals are to be treated according to their condition. Humans as nature dictates. A particular category of sub-life includes those who hold as holy the sinews of despotism, namely normies. Their elimination is a prerequisite of social hygiene and the actions driving to that end are to be enforced with more rigor than the elimination of darkness in computers. Once in the sphere of humans, relations between friends, relatives, lovers or acquaintances are to be ruled by the law of pleasure. If anybody can carry his wishes on them he is most welcome to do so. If the other party is the winner, the same rule applies. Cruelty is a word used to discredit freedom of intercourse according to desires. But since unfulfilled desires are the cause of the worst evils, the readings of the Father of all fulfilled desires, M. le Marquis de Sade, is to be intensive and compulsory since childhood. Besides, the time to put an end to the tyranny of centuries has come. No more public education shall chisel the citizens of Paleoland. Roving teachers living on the ground will spread the Word. And only a free association of students will be accepted as a mean to learn the secrets of life. No public salary will be wasted to pay the apostles of the creed. Tuition is a private affair between student and teacher. Among the subjects to be suppressed from all syllabi of the Confederation are: One. Logic. To try and explain its basics, even the most elementary tenets, will have the consideration of serious crime. Rhetoric, on the other hand, is a virtue. Citizens do have to be able to move and convince without resorting to facts. Two. Religion and in general the usual repository of values and morals as known till this day. Three. Literature, be it dramatic, prose, poetry or fiction in any format whatsoever for it documents the continues drive of mankind in the wrong direction. Four. History will not be tolerated since it is a celebration of common endeavors based upon facts and memories. History is no History and no History is History. Five. Philosophy is but a record of useless musings. It has no place in Paleoland Law. But for the most elementary of regulations, all laws shall be repealed by the time this Constitution is proclaimed. A congress of fakes, nerds and cheats will figure out the minimum legal standard needed to keep the Confederation alive. But from this moment on the Criminal Code is declared null and void. All offences will be settled among the parties. Justice ceases to be a privilege of the State. All persons can and should be arbiters and reach agreements on the compensation of wrongs, if any. To sum up, insanity is the highest form of knowledge and, once the beginning of times has arrived, cathedrals will turn into asylums managed by its inmates. All that is said by them will be recorded, be it rants, screams or gibberish murmurs. Pentecostal and other denominations of doom´s sermons expressed in their usual stream of vowels and consonants, a language commonly known as glossolalia, shall have the consideration of holy.  Simultaneous translation to common languages will be provided always, on universal basis and free.


As to territory, Paleoland considers this notion a thing of the past. Only Bitland counts as a homeland and its frontiers are as infinite as the universe.  An standing army of able software engineers shall guard the cloud of the Confederation for its security. For no computer is an island. And when a computer shuts do not ask for whom it shuts. It shuts for thee.

We, therefore, the representatives of the Confederation of Paleoland, in Global Virtual Congress, Assembled, appealing to the supreme judge of the bits, do solemnly post and declare that these united clusters of Fakeland, Nerdland and Chanland are and of right ought to be a free and independent state. That they have absolved from all allegiance to fact, established truth, values and memory and that all social and intellectual connections between these irritants and the Confederation of Paleoland is and ought to be totally dissolved. And that as free and independent State they have full power to do all acts which independents states may do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of the holy bitcoin, we all pledge our computers and life to this effort.

The advent of the internet is shrinking the distances across the world. Fealty to land will soon cease to exist outside the realm of despots and power hungry leaders. Yet this should serve as a warning to the dangers of a world where by eliminating arena of division, the physical land, legislators find new ways of creating divisions.

Ambassador Jose A. Zorrilla is a career diplomat from Spain with postings in Milan (1989), Toronto (1993), Shanghai (2001), Moscow (2004), and Tbilisi (2009). He has published a book on the rise of China “China la primavera que llega” (China, the spring that arrives) and shot two documentary films (“Los Justos” (The Righteous) and “El desierto y las olas” (The Desert and the Waves)) and one full length film “El Arreglo” (The Deal) that won the Opera Prima Prize at the San Sebastian Film Festival in 1983.  He has just published a novel “El espía en Saratov” (The Spy in Saratov) (De Librum Tremens) and “Historia fantástica de Europa” (An Imaginary History of Europe). He is a frequent contributor to El Mundo with articles focusing mostly on current affairs.

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