Democracy In Retreat: Challenges in 2019

We are pleased to present our annual report for 2019. The new report, titled Democracy in Retreat: Challenges in 2019, sheds light on the forces, trends and events that are shaping international politics and the global economy in the year ahead.

A Message From The Co-Founders

Last year, we wrote that the world was experiencing a shifting balance of power. The United States’ ‘America First’ policy under Trump, China’s unencumbered growth, Russian aggression on Europe’s eastern flank, the changing face of terrorism and the issues of EU integration contribute to this seismic shift. There are many elements of the story—the erosion of democracy worldwide, economic stagnation, including for the middle and lower classes, as well as populism and a backlash against big tech—but the election of Donald Trump as US president has accelerated the process in which many of these elements take hold. That is partly why concerns about illiberal policies and democracy in retreat form the backdrop for the subject areas we cover in this report.
We have chosen to focus on some of the topics we believe will be most consequential to international politics and the global order. The report is geared to be especially relevant for policymakers, political consultants, academics and interested generalists. While it is not a forecast, the following pages are an assessment of the forces and trends shaping the world over the course of 2019. Also, in today’s polarized media environment, we engaged broadly and tried to stick to analytic basics rather than adopting any particular world view.
In the time since we started Political Insights, the global order has unraveled into a zero-sum world. And there is much to be said about this great unraveling. We hope this year-ahead report challenges underlying assumptions about the world’s political, economic, environmental and technological challenges. However daunting the scale of the world’s political challenges are, we believe exploring them is a worthy endeavor.

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Ossama Ayesh and Aishwarya Gupta co-founded Political Insights in 2017.

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