Security and Foreign Policy

Europe: A Union Divided

The European Union project has been marred with turmoil in the past year. With Brexit looming and a rise in populism, the European Union faces some critical challenges in 2019.

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From a European perspective, the year ahead promises to be a difficult year, dominated by big events and longstanding challenges. The United Kingdom will withdraw from the European Union in March and economic crises in countries like Italy will only intensify. In France, the yellow vest movement is slated to carry over and force Macron to look inward, diminishing his ability to take on the mantel of EU’s de facto leader ahead of Angela Merkel’s departure as Chancellor of Germany in 2021. On Europe’s Eastern flank, politics and energy will come to a head, as EU member states weigh doing business with Russia on a new gas pipeline with its stance on recent developments in Ukraine, which saw an escalation of tensions.

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