Gender and Development

Humanity Under Fire

Humanitarian crises are on the rise and show no signs of dissipating. South Sudan, Yemen and Venezuela are just three of many crises responsible for displacing millions of people.

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At present, 68.5 million people have been forcibly displaced across the world. 85% of these displaced people are in developing countries, 10 million people are stateless and 57% of the refugees came from South Sudan, Afghanistan and Syria. With 40 million internally displaced people, 25.4 million refugees and over 3 million asylum seekers worldwide, it is safe to say that that we are now seeing some of the worst crises of our times, ones that have no end in sight. Afghanistan, Myanmar, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Mali, Republic of Congo, Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Iraq, Nigeria, Palestine, Sudan and Syria are all marred by conflicts, conflicts displacing their citizens and forcing them to leave their homes in large droves. Unfortunately, these are only the crises visible to the international communities. Blockades and lack of access have caused several other humanitarian crises, including North Korea, to go unnoticed.

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