About Us


Political Insights is a media startup focused on being the premiere source for US and international politics. Our goal is to amplify the voices of emerging political analysts by giving them a platform to reach a large audience. Our contributors bring with them unique knowledge and local experiences that inform our audiences about critical issues and events across the globe.

Our team of political analysts are focused on bridging the gap between traditional ideas of power and conflict with cross-cutting issues. We believe in providing content that is both engaging for the foreign affairs specialist as well as the interested generalist. The entire picture is not accurately portrayed in media today – we aim to provide a diverse set of narratives and viewpoints on every issue. At Political Insights, we address the growing demands for timely and engaging content and are committed to delivering the best experience possible.


Just like you, we are academics, bankers, consultants and international affairs professionals. We don’t come from any media conglomerates and we definitely don’t adhere to any traditional media models. Political Insights was formed with the intent of fixing the problems with news and media that we find hard to overlook.

The Social Media Problem

Social media and their algorithms have created a political echo-chamber, curating news based on perceived preference or advertisers. Even though we can’t fight the prevalence of social media, we hope to use it to inform people of how larger legislative and global political actions affect them, regardless of their political affiliations.

Bridging Political Divides

In the past few years, divides between the political left and right have widened and people everywhere find themselves unwilling or unable to engage with people on the opposite side of the political fence. We are looking to bridge these political divides by providing a platform for a holistic debate and analysis of every issue, looking at every possible side.

An Informed Audience Over Trending Topics

Media has too often been part of the problem by looking to capitalize on crucial political moments as opposed to informing and educating the electorate. We are not in the business of selling voyeuristic news nor are we going to fall into the traps of only writing on trending topics. At Political Insights, we believe that we have a civic duty to continue the conversation on issues that are critical to our audience.

The Media Elites

More often than not, news is dominated by the media elites and experts as opposed to people who can offer valuable insights into precarious issues. Political Insights wants to take the conversation out of the hands of the 1% who dominate the news cycles and put it in the hands of the 99% who feel the effect of the issues firsthand. To do so, we will continue to empower and amplify the voices of up-and-coming political analysts.

We will continue to fact-check, write on issues that our audience cares about and present content that will help you stay informed on what is going on in the world today.