About Us


Political Insights is a new media startup focused on delivering timely analysis on the latest geopolitical developments and events. We cover a wide array of regions and subject matter in order to provide in-depth and unique perspectives on international affairs. Our goal is to provide a platform to provide objective content and news across the globe without the sensationalism.


Political Insights was founded by international relations and business professionals looking to address the need for more holistic coverage of global events as opposed to the more recent insular news coverage that typically only look at the hottest topics. Not only do we aim to cover the gap in content in traditional media, we also hope to marry the world of academic political analysis and news content. By reaching everyone from students to professionals, our goal remains to keep everyone abreast of current and upcoming geopolitical developments.


Political Insights is a media startup that is focused on being the premiere source for developments in US and international politics. Our goal is to amplify the voices of emerging political analysts by giving them a platform to reach a large audience. Our company serves a generation of readers that consume content across various mediums, with the expectation that the content is relevant to their work and their lives.

We are focused on bridging the gap between traditional ideas of power and conflict with issues that are most critical today, like cyber security, climate change, gender and race. The problems being faced have not gotten smaller, but the lenses to explain and analyze them have diminished. We report on issues that are shaping politics and the global economy without the sensationalism. We believe in providing content that is both engaging for the foreign affairs specialist as well as the interested generalist.

The entire picture is not accurately portrayed in current news media. In the United States and the rest of the world, we are at the advent of a new generation, with a population that is more engaged with new realities. People want to know about how political events around the world affect them at home. We avoid the fake headlines and clickbait content that too often deceive readers. At Political Insights, we are committed to delivering the best experience possible.