Writing Guidelines

Political Insights readers are well-informed, intelligent individuals with a wide range of interests in International Affairs and US Politics. But they are not necessarily specialists. Our readers want to be presented with facts, original ideas and rigorous analysis. We ask that pitches and articles avoid academic jargon, long-winded arguments and technical language.

Ideally, content should strike a balance between being relevant to the global affairs specialist as well as the interested generalist. Before sending a pitch, please visit our website to get an idea of what we publish and to avoid writing on topics that have already been covered or are being covered extensively.

We publish several categories of content:

  • Global Tracker articles are 250-500-word pieces on current events and breaking news.
  • Op-eds should be around 800-word pieces. Every sentence should count in grabbing the reader’s attention, starting with the first.
  • Analysis pieces should be 1000-1500 words. These pieces are evaluated based on the subject and its policy relevance, as well as the use of evidence, strong argumentation, and readability.
  • Longreads should be 1500-2500 words. This form of writing should strive to be comprised of thoughtful research and should analyze information with the view to help the reader make sense of the world around them.

Writing Guidelines:

  • Titles should be 6-12 words in length.
  • For all submissions, we require in-text hyperlinks for citations. Please do not use footnotes or bibliographies.
  • When providing numerical data, please include the source in the form of a hyperlink.
  • When writing, please be sure to stick to either English (UK) or English (US). Please do not switch back and forth.
  • While using acronyms, please always provide the full form first and provide the acronym in parenthesis (Ex: “United Nations Security Council (UNSC)”).
  • Every submission should include a short summary (2-3 sentences) along with a three-sentence bio.